PRD was created at a time when the need to find spaces where you could enjoy the mountain by bike was very limited and poorly regulated.

In Andorra there are countless routes that over the years, companies and cycling enthusiasts have been building, some were built in a controlled manner and following the regulations, and others not so much.

PRD is the first company in the country that was created to group all these routes, rehabilitate those that were being lost, adapt them to environmental and urban planning regulations, and signpost them, giving birth to the Center de BTT Andorra as we now know it. We are the only company in Andorra with personnel qualified and qualified to design and build mountain bike trails, more than twenty years of experience in the sector working around the world allows us to complete the training and be able to apply different construction techniques.

Designing, building, or rehabilitating trails is a job that goes far beyond forest clearing or clearing, working with the mountain requires respecting the slopes, the channels created by the water, and the flora and fauna that inhabit the area, and for this reason, our projects are always accompanied by an environmental impact report.

Our permanent team consists of Oscar, Marti, and Tània, although we have external collaborators, usually staff from the territory.

Oscar Lacueva
Martiniano Huguet
Tania Rey